No Spend Days

Hello, again my friends! I’ve been offline for a while, but hope to get this railroad back on a paying basis, so to speak.

I’ve been reading a lot of other people’s blogs and folks are doing an event called the “No Spend Days,” where in order to save money, you designate certain days as”No Spend Days.” Each week you try to add an additional day, if possible. Eventually, just like training for a 5k, you take the (flourish of trumpets, please) “No Spend Month Challenge!!!”

So, for this month, I have randomly marked days as NSD and with exception of buying petrol or paying on a bill, no money can be spent. In addition, as an extra challenge, I need to do a money transfer to a “No Touch” savings account.

I saw there is an online bank called Qapital which has no fees, actually pays interest (although not much) and is insured through Wells Fargo. There is no minimum balance to keep and to assist with savings, you can set up “rules” through an app called IFTTT. Some rules are things like, “Whenever a satellite goes by overhead, transfer X amount of dollars to my savings account;” or “Every time President Trump tweets, transfer X amount of dollars to my savings account.” There is, in addition, weekly or monthly auto transfers; a round-up transfer, where when you buy something, it will round up the amount to one you designate, such as the nearest dollar or nearest $3 or whatever; a freestanding transfer where you manually transfer money

So, I started this app, Qapital, in the middle of August. I’ve set several goals to save towards: Christmas gifts; trip to Alaska and Donatello’s College. (I want to send hubby back to school for his Master’s Degree. We refuse to take out student loans, so he’ll be taking one or two classes at a time and paying for it as we go.)

Anyway, the app has been working rather well for me. In less than two months, I’ve siphoned close to $500 into it, by saving a buck here and a buck there.

Back to the No Spend Day.

On certain days, which you designate ahead of time, you vow to not spend anything. Not on coffee. Not on a Dollar-Menu burger. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Instead, you look what you have already in your freezer and pantry and cook dinner from that. This week, I’m on my third NSD and yesterday I remembered that I had class that night, so I wouldn’t be home to make dinner. To keep hubby frim being tempted to grab a fast-food dinner, I found some jars of tomatoes I’d canned the previous summer and some bell peppers languishing in the crisper. In a separate pan, I fried some ground sausage to cut down on the grease going into the sauce, as well as increase the flavour. Most of the grease was dumped into my grease can and left a tablespoon in it for a can of mushrooms and chopped up onion and garlic. Fried those quickly, then dumped it into the pot with the tomatoes. Tossed a frozen hot sausage in the sauce, but I wanted to clear the fridge and stretch the sauce a bit more. Found a quart of cooked rice in the fridge and dumped it in. Now, instead of just one meal for my family of four, we can squeeze two meals out. Hubby texted me to say he made spaghetti and dumped some of the sauce over it. The kiddies went nuts over it and had two bowls.

Give it a try, even just for a month. Designate 10 days as No Spend Days and see how much you can save.

Will you give it a try? Tell us your tips for staying on track!